The politics have calmed down, the temperature has heated up and I’m impatient to see my old birthplace again.  Now the Pakistan vs India Semi-Final of the ICC World Cup  cricket match taking place on March 30 is not only eclipsing everything else but has created a “cricket diplomacy” track!

When people ask me where I’m traveling to, I try not to say “Pakistan” but mumble something about  “South Asia” or “India” instead.  This is not because dissembling is my thing but because my answer is usually followed by “That’s really dangerous!” and “Why on earth would you do that?” and I have no answers for that.

Beware of single stories! This is what I’ve been saying ever since I listened to Chimamanda Adichie’s brilliant talk at TED.  Of course Pakistan is a dangerous place to be these days but that’s not the only thing it is.

When I think about Pakistan, and about Lahore in particular, and when I read a number of excellent Pakistani blogs (links to them below), I think about other stories, the street life:the bicycle riders whose patience has transformed their bikes into much grander transportation;

I think of the imagination behind the country’s famous painted lorries;

I salivate at the prospect of Gawalmundi, a Lahore street devoted entirely to traditional food (and of eating Pakistani food three times a day although I understand that such actions have consequences).        

I wish my Urdu were better so I could properly understand what these outspoken women are talking about but language doesn’t interfere with seeing the way Pakistanis can laugh at themselves and how this blog celebrates and classifies food.

To convert the prices: $1=85 Pakistani rupees (PKR).


I’ll be posting as and when mood, wifi and time permit.


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