Women's group interview

Women’s group interview

Some of the highlights of our filming: listening to stories about the 2010 and 2012 floods via interviews: on the first evening with all the men in the village around a bonfire and on our last day with the women in a family compound.  Neither men nor women wanted to be interviewed together.  The bonfire shoot was lit by headlights (low beam) from the two vans since the full moon was insufficient a source and electricity there was none.

Men interview around bonfire

Men’s interview around bonfire

women leaving interview–  Women leaving after interview ended

Other key locations that form the structure of our documentary: destroyed houses; the brick factory (no machines, just 40’x20’ of ground, a brick mold, mounds of mud and villager men labor); a house being rebuilt; a village rebuilt; schools, mosques, madrassa, sugar cane processing; poultry farm; assorted individuals and families…

I’m posting the men and women group photos first and will add to them as the days go by.