Sanjannnagar celebrates its 18th birthday 

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 12:09 AM PST

On February 2, 2013, Sanjannagar Institute celebrated its 18th birthday. The guests included: Hazel Kahan, a writer and radio host, Damon Whittmore, a recording engineer, Jason Sebastian who is a musician, the deputy director of USAID, Gail Spence, Najma Najam, the Vice chancellor of Gilgit University, and Shahida Tanveer from Punjab University. After departmental introductions,and then review and sharing of future plans by the Sanjannagar team members, the guests shared their observations and experience. The guests also saw an exhibition of photographs organized by the Photography department and interacted with the team members of Philosophy, Music and Audio Engineering departments.  (Photos on site.)

This celebration was an unexpected and delightful event on my trip: the 18th “birth anniversary” of Sanjannagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts, where I am a guest in the house originally my home and my parents’ medical practice until they left Lahore after living and working here for 34 years.  It’s difficult to describe in detail what all this means but you can find out more about the Institute here and more from my memoir, A House in Lahore, should it see the light of publication.

In the background you can see one of my leafages, titled !3 Gulberg 5, specially designed for my hosts but without my knowing that such an event would be taking place.  The leafage was then incorporated into two large posters which I will be posting on my web site soon. Again, it’s a bit difficult to explain.

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