It’s been a month and I’m on my way home.  I always find re-entry to be difficult so I like to take my time, spreading it over a few days before I’m ready to become part again of the people and places and dailyness of home.  I’m bringing back two films: After the Floods, which is missing subtitles and credits but overall is in fine shape—at 17 or so minutes.  The other, my family’s story filmed last year in the two Lahore houses in which I grew up, will need more time: I will have to sort out old photographs, scan old letters and diary entries from my youth and voice over some of what I wrote then.  We haven’t yet agreed on a title. I will send these materials to Shireen and Rashida who will then produce it (length no more than 10 minutes). I hope there will be opportunities to screen one or both of these films in 2013, on the North Fork and through friends in Berlin and New York.

If you have any questions or comments, for the blog or for me privately, please tell.  I often feel that my words never quite tell why I feel as I do about Pakistan and growing up in Lahore—and why it is that I will be back again very soon.

Addendum  My cousin Ilan just sent a link to a photograph of a scrivener) offering Arabic and Hebrew letter-writing services in Acre (Israel) in 1962.